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Feature focus: Windows 10, full screen apps now run in windows

August 5, 2015
For many, the full screen apps in Windows 8 were a problem, Microsoft has backtracked in Windows 10, making apps run in their own window. Once again you can re-position, re-size and stack your programs as you see fit.
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August 4, 2015

Zettaly Avy review – the Android music box you didn’t know you needed

The Zettaly Avy is an Android tablet and music player all in one, with two speakers and a 7-inch display, this may just be the only music device you need.
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Best iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Cases

August 2, 2015
We take a look at some of the best keyboard cases for the iPad Mini!
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How to delete apps on iPad

August 1, 2015
With so many apps available for install on your Apple tablet, there comes a time you will need to uninstall a few. Here is how to delete apps on iPad.
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How to close apps on iPad

August 1, 2015
We want to help you take control of your experience on your Apple iOS powered tablet. This is how to close apps on IPad.
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