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Most unconventional Android devices of all time

July 4, 2015
We take a look at some of the most unconventional Android devices of all time, some of which were commercial flops, others that actually ended up taking off in a big way.
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Hands On: BlueStacks brings Android apps to Mac

July 3, 2015
Want to use Instagram or play Android games on your Mac? Look no further as the popular BlueStacks emulator is now available for Macs running OS X.
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Microsoft announces new Surface Pro 3 model with Intel Core i7 for $1299

July 3, 2015
Microsoft is offering a new Surface Pro 3 model which offers the power of the Intel Core i7 at a cheaper price. Is the internal storage sacrifice worth it? Let's find out!
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4K on tablets: do we need it?

July 2, 2015
The case for adopting 4K display has advantages and disadvantages but with the industry moving towards next-gen displays, do we actually need 4K on tablets?
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YouTube app for Android gains 60fps playback support

July 2, 2015
Mobile users will be happy to know that Google has finally rolled out 60fps video playback to both Android and iOS YouTube applications.
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Most unconventional Android devices of all time
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4K on tablets: do we need it?
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