Apple fans would rather buy an iPhone 5 than an iPad Mini, reveals study

August 9, 2012

A survey of 1,873 people by CouponCodes4u found that 78% of consumers would choose the iPhone 5 over the iPad Mini. Approximately 39% of respondents indicated that they would use the smartphone more, while a considerable 46% went so far as to deem a smaller iPad as "pointless".

However, unlike another recent study which branded the iPad Mini as a potential flop, the CouponCopes4u survey found that 21% of respondents would consider buying an iPad Mini for their children.

It is worth noting that three in four respondents in the study owned an Apple device, with 64% of these having an iPhone. Just under 40% said that they had an iPad, making this study not entirely exactly an accurate portrayal of how the iPad Mini will fare.

Both the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are reportedly due to launch on September 21, with the 7.85-inch iPad Mini expected to have 16GB of memory and a price of around $299.


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