10 best apps for any business student

February 21, 2014

Below is Top 10 list of mobile apps every business student should have.

1 – LinkedIn
The mobile version of this growing social network not only helps you keep in touch with business connections and friends, but can open doors to new opportunities for employment as well. A must have for any business student.

2 – Bloomberg
Among the nation's leaders in financial news, Bloomberg is a great app for any business student looking to stay up-to-date with developments in the financial world while keeping a steady eye on the market at the same time.

3 – Google Drive
This Google app comes with loads of features to help you take notes in class, manage projects among different group members, and store whatever information or files you need, all on a full cloud drive accessible from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

For business students looking to access notes and other information on the go, this app is perfect.

4 – Evernote
One of the most popular apps on any app store, Evernote is extremely handy for more than just taking notes. The business friendly app grants users the ability to store and organize all sorts of information from text to photos, proving a great way to track and manage business plans and ideas whenever they may spring up.

5 – Atomic Web Browser
While there are certainly a plethora of different web browsers available for business students, Atomic comes with many features others do not.

With Atomic, you can navigate quickly and easy through simple gestures, download files, and even save whole web pages for viewing offline. If you often find yourself without fast, accessible Wi-Fi, this browser can save the day.

6 – iTunes U
Whether you're preparing to enter a college of business, or counting the days until graduation, iTunes U provides an excellent way to receive a high quality education for free.

With iTunes U business students can watch lectures all over the world from world-renowned professors, all by the touch of a button without ever spending a dime. A must have for those looking to learn more or get a first taste of a college education.

7 – Pages
One of the most popular word processors available today, Pages comes with a rather hefty price compared to its free counterparts, but a price well worth it. The word processing app allows for easy writing and editing on the go, and automatically syncs your files and information to your Mac laptop through the iCloud, which means no more waiting to get that paper done or read those notes before class.

8 – Wolfram Alpha
Whatever question you may have, Wolfram Alpha likely has an answer. The powerful, intuitive app is great for research if you happen to be writing or paper or studying for a test, and can be used to quickly access any kind of information or perform even the most complex of calculations as well.
9 – Kindle
Every college student knows the pain of having to carry around several heavy textbooks throughout the day. Amazon's Kindle app can eliminate that. To go along with its millions of e-books, Kindle offers access to thousands of textbooks as well, often at discounted prices.

For those sick of that heavy backpack, Kindle can not only save money but time and energy as well.
10 – Mint
As if classes are not enough, every college business student must keep on top of finances as well. For that there is Mint, a fluid, simple app that keeps track of every dollar you spend and organizes it into unique categories. If you are wondering where your money is going, or just looking to cut back on your spending, there's no better app than Mint.
The life of a college business student seems to be getting more and more stressful each day, but these apps are guaranteed to help make those stressful days a whole lot easier.

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Ilan Nass is director of marketing at Fueled, a leading mobile app developer based in New York.


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