128GB Surface Pro sold out already, but questions linger on how many tablets were available

February 11, 2013
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Microsoft said that it received an “amazing” response to the Surface Pro being launched on Saturday and revealed that the high-end, $999 128GB model had sold out “immediately” on the Microsoft Store and in some of its retail outlets.

Other retailers also saw high demand with Best Buy and Staples reportedly running out of the Intel-powered tablet. There appears to have been no such issue with the $899 64GB Surface Pro, which is still listed as in stock on Microsoft’s website.

However, it didn’t take long for the first questions to be raised on how many Surface Pros were actually made available on launch day.

For while Windows blogger Paul Thurrott noted “Apple-like” queues for the device in some Microsoft retail stores, some would-be buyers were quickly voicing their disappointment at being unable to buy the Pro from a nearby location.

“128GB launched without availability is a total failure. How can a product be launched with 0 items in stock?” wrote one poster on Microsoft’s Surface blog. “"I don't know how they could have grossly underestimated the demand like this,” added another.

Microsoft wouldn’t publicly be drawn on how many 128GB or 64GB Surface Pros were sold on launch day but did say that it will do its best to replenish supplies.

“Customer response to the launch of Surface Pro has been amazing. The Microsoft Online Store is currently out of stock of the Surface Pro.

“Our priority is to ensure that every customer gets their new Surface Pro as soon as possible. We are replenishing our supplies as quickly as possible."

For all the scepticism over how many tablets were sold over the weekend, Microsoft is likely to view this news as a success, not least after it was forced to cancel the New York launch party for the Surface Pro because of a blizzard moving across from the East Coast.

That didn’t keep the Redmond firm from banging the drum for the new tablet however, with the company promoting the new model extensively via its Twitter feeds and through a new commercial which has just gone live.

The company even gave away a couple of Surface Pro tablets at Las Vegas' Fashion Mall.


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