For $17 a tiny robot will clean your tablet and smartphone

February 5, 2013
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To most, this is not a problem waiting for a high tech solution. A simple wipe with a cloth (or a damp cloth for dirtier screens) usually does the trick.

But gadget freaks who really, really, really want to make sure the screen on their smartphone or tablet is clean might want to check out the Auto Mee S from Japanese vendor Takara Tomy.

Spotted by gadget site Gizmodo (which called it “overkill”) the Auto Mee S is like a mini-version of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaners.

Coming to Japan in March for $17 each, the Auto Mee S will be available in a choice of orange, blue, pink and white colors. It has 2 rotating cleaning papers and 3 tires on its bottom that let it travel around the display as it wipes off the likes of fingerprints and dust, according to a description in the Japanese site Akihabara News.

Also, it recognizes the end of the screen so it will turn and keep sweeping evenly without falling off.

Time for a coffee break?

The Auto Mee S takes about 4 minutes to clean smartphones and 8 minutes to clean a tablet.


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