4 best iPad calculator apps for serious number crunching

October 30, 2013

Fortunately there is a healthy selection of third-party options that can fit any math needs for your small business. Here are some of the top choices that tackle various situations in finance and other types of higher-level math.

EZ Financial Calculators

This app offers a wide amount of calculating options for various financial situations. For example, it includes tax tools, an ROI (Return On Investment) calculator, APR, and several other financial calculating options. A free version is available, but for a lengthier list of options and features select the pro version for $4.99.


Many have claimed their idea for a business or next breakthrough was first sketched out on a napkin. ValueStory took that as a design queue when creating an app designed to calculate and analyze the various components of one’s business.

ValueStory includes a library of diagnostic assessment and ROI tools, which can be used for calculating costs associated with IT, mobile, marketing, sales and other areas.

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powerOne Finance Calculator (Pro Edition)

This app uses a high-powered calculator that can work well in real estate, finance, investing, conversions or other general math and science areas. A sidebar menu neatly organizes all the topics it can be used for, including looking at cash flows or investment returns. It is highly versatile for a large number of financial calculating needs.

Hewlett Packard 12C Financial Calculator

For the most robust option spare no expense (by which I mean a mere $15) and go for the Hewlett Packard 12c Financial Calculator. The interface is a throwback to what once was the benchmark calculating hardware in the era before smartphones. It also includes a help guide if you have fallen a little behind on your RPN (Reverse Polish Notation). 




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