5 best iPad apps for team collaboration and brainstorming

November 26, 2013

These five innovative apps could be the replacement that eliminates the laborious gathering around the whiteboard in the company conference room.


Much like TalkBoard, which I discuss below, SyncSpace allows for real-time collaboration across a shared whiteboard. However, it has some additional features that can provide for more than just writing and illustration.

Users can import photos, maps, or web links that may be integral to a project. It also has a wrist guard, which blocks off a part of the screen from touch input so as not to mess up the drawing when holding the iPad.

Relatively speaking the app is on the expensive side at $19.99, but hardly a high price for a professional application. 

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Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing

Whiteboard makes it easy to connect multiple users to a shared space through a WiFi connection. It also offers several pens and color configurations to create ideas in several different colors. Users can also import images or photos stored on their device.

There is a lite version that is free for those who would rather try it out before dropping the $9.99 for the full edition, which eliminates ads and includes additional features.

Conojo Whiteboard

Conojo offers fairly simple-to-use whiteboard tools where a group can collaborate either through WiFi or a Bluetooth connection. It has some additional features that could be useful in a business setting, such as screencasting and preconfigured templates. Images can be imported from your device or cloud accounts, such as Dropbox or via WebDAV. 


Talkboard is one of the newest apps in this space, bringing with it a focus on a strong collaboration experience. To enable cloud-powered sharing users will need to create an account or log in with Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Projects can easily be shared through iMessage, Mail, or the new AirDrop functionality. Once accepted other users can then also write on your board.

The whiteboard itself carries a modern design, with a swath of colors and three different virtual writing tools at the bottom of the page.

Note Anytime

Winner of a recent TabTimes' Tabby Award, Note Anytime has distinguished itself as a powerful collaborative whiteboard tool. It is extremely accurate with stylus or touch input and can be used for PDF and document annotation, whiteboard brainstorming and as a vector graphic sketching tool. Its versatility has allows its use to spread from business collaboration to other consumer-friendly tasks like digital scrapbooking.


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