4 great blogging apps for iPad

May 21, 2013

If you rely on the iPad for productivity in such situations, there are several apps  that make creating high-quality blog posts possible. In fact, some may prefer the simplicity and focus that blogging from an iPad can provide. 

The following are some of the top apps for a first-rate blogging experience.

Blogsy is multi-platform blogging bonanza

When it comes to finding a powerful and feature-complete blogging tool, Blogsy is an excellent value. It works with every major blogging platform: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Joomla, Drupal, Moveable Type, and others. Getting started is really just a matter of entering in your site credentials.

The interface is also very clever, with a dock on the right-side of the screen to access frequently used tools. Many of the specific commands and interface options do take some getting used to. Generally I dive in to a new app and skip any of the tutorials, but in this case it is highly recommended to view the introductory videos. Once you learn the particulars of Blogsy then using it for regular posting should be fluid.

The only downside is that inserting an image from Google Drive or Dropbox is not possible due to API restrictions. There is support, however, for Flickr, Picasa, YouTube videos and some additional services to liven up blog posts.

While WordPress bloggers have several other choices, Blogsy is by far the optimal choice for anyone using Drupal, Joomla, or other platforms that don’t see the same amount of third-party development support in the App Store.

Poster adds elegance to WordPress blogging

For those with WordPress blogs there is another option that has a significant level of polish beyond the standard WordPress app. Poster’s interface is smooth and minimalistic; it reminded me of the recent design moves by Google with Android and its card-centric UI with Google Now.

I found the interface made it easier to focus on the writing with minimal distractions. The sidebar also makes it easy to switch between blogs if you have the need to manage multiple accounts.

Poster supports both WordPress.com and self-hosted blogs. Additional features include integration with text or HTML files from Dropbox and customizable post formats. As a universal app it also allows for blogging from an iPhone if there is a need to tweak or make other minor edits to a post.

Posts is pricey perfection

While Posts certainly leads the pack when it comes to price ($9.99), it offers a good value with its elegant interface and deep feature set for WordPress or Blogger.

One of the best features of Posts is how it handles the viewing of previous articles. The app organizes them into a calendar that makes it much easier to hunt down past blog posts. The sidebar is very well done and organizes quick access to comments, drafts, submissions, and other pages within the site.

Writing is also enjoyable thanks to the focused UI and accessible tools in the menu bar. If you want to edit the HTML that can be done as well.

Wordpress app delivers for platform

If your company blog is using WordPress the free, official app may suit your needs just fine. It plugs in directly to a number of WordPress services, such as JetPack site stats. There is also an option to access the full web-based interface from within the application.

When it comes to writing, however, the experience is not always as satisfactory. Inserting images or creating bold text creates HTML formatting, so if there are several links and images your article can be rather cluttered with code. Even if you are savvy with code, it can make for a clunky writing experience. T

In summary, the WordPress app will get the job done, but power users may also wish to pair it with some of the third-party alternatives available.


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