4 handy iPad project management apps

July 9, 2013

Whether you are managing a personal project, work task, or directing a group assignment consider the following iPad apps for making this process easier.


Bitrix24 builds a complete social intranet for a company that wants greater internal control of project management. The interface is much like a social network, providing updates and an opportunity for posting and discussion about ongoing projects.

The iPad app has a section for a main discussion hub, along with space for tasks, files, messages, and customizable groups.

Small organizations that do not need to rely on Bitrix24 for a significant amount of cloud storage or extended support can opt for the company’s free service. This option allows for up to 12 users and support for basic features, such as a shared calendar, files, and contact management.

While the product is still in beta, Bitrix24 says it has already atrracted over 70,000 registrations for its services.


If you can handle the skeuomorphic design, which features a heavy dose of real-world elements like stitched leather and coffee stains, iScope offers a substantial amount of features for managing projects and teams.

Several capabilities to ease project management are available with a few taps. For example, iScope will import your iPad contact list to enable easy assigning of tasks. Sticky notes are used for simple note taking. Or they can be organized into a more sophisticated hierarchy.  The iScope app also includes DropBox integration for uploading and sharing files. Those who prefer to take handwritten notes can also take advantage of a note-taking feature..

The iScope app download is free, with an option to upgrade to paid services later.

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For the other end of the spectrum, Timeli offers a more streamlined interface combined with a more focused feature set.

With Timeli, creating a  schedule or timeline for your projects is accomplished through tapping and dragging lines across a calendar, which makes for a good visual layout of upcoming due dates.

The schedule can be emailed to others or printed with AirPrint. Timeli can organize tasks into smaller subsections for greater organization – use this to create a sense of accomplishment once the lesser jobs are completed.

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Timeli is very practical and focused, making it a good choice for anyone looking to properly pace out their projects. It does not have as strong collaborative features as the two other choices, but compensates with its ease of use and distraction-free interface.

Project Management

Just as the name implies, Project Management is built to keep tabs on all of one’s projects. It has a minimalist interface like Timeli, but offers a wider feature set. Users can set up teams and assign tasks – then monitor their progress and use Project Management to send messages if some workers need to speed things up.

Project Management includes a considerable amount of support, with training videos and daily tips and strategies for being a more effective project manager.

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