4 ways tablets and mobile can keep tech savvy travelers coming back

August 6, 2013

You see everything from a grandmother with a tablet to a teenage boy holding a smartphone. Both enjoying some leisurely reading or game playing to occupy them while waiting for a flight.

I can imagine the same travelers, but in a busy hotel lobby. Or even myself…waiting in a long line to check in. I see the manager feeling frantic. He reaches for his smartphone to contact all appropriate front of the house staff to assist with the rush.

Then with a push of a button he can request assistance in the lobby. As one of the staff members approaches the lobby, they grab a tablet device from the main office to assist with check-in. The tablet is used to review room availability or even to send instant messages to housekeeping for a status update.

The same device can be used to reach staff inside or outside of the facility. Or maybe you could rent out a pre-loaded tablet to an interested guest that provides games, music or activities to keep them occupied during their stay.

Four suggestions to keep them coming back

Wireless communication can change the face the lodging industry. Based on the scenario above you can see the benefit to the guest as now they are able to create a better guest experience. They are also committed to helping improve the hospitality industry by providing flexible and non-permanent wireless solutions that require minimal capital investment.

These four solutions include:

  • Integrating converged devices that provide flexible and non-permanent solutions that allow housekeeping, security and front desk employees to stay connected inside or outside of the facility with a tablet or smartphone.

  • Incorporating the latest devices with minimal investment, commitment and no maintenance fees.

  • Instituting mobile broadband and wireless router solutions at the front desk or with Point of Sale systems as a backup when power is down.

  • Securing the site with real-time surveillance and video monitoring to ensure optimal security on site to help protect both you and your guests’ interests all on a smartphone or tablet.

These types of solutions help to increase productivity and revenue in your hotel, resort, lodge or bed and breakfast. Guests will remember the extra steps taken by your facility to improve their stay and will keep coming back. Staff will appreciate the flexibility mobile devices provide them so they can be more efficient.


Laura Heuschel is a Business Marketing Specialist with Verizon Wireless.


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