5 best iPad apps for getting organized in the new year

January 11, 2014

This group of five iPad apps will provide better structure and be useful for a wide range of organizational goals, be they professional or personal. 


Given some of the recent criticism of Evernote's buggy performance, NoteSuite may be an appealing alternative. It uses a fairly streamlined interface for organizing notes, files, images, or web clips to streamline one’s digital clutter.

The only potential downside for power users is the company does not yet offer an iPhone version. However, it does sync very well with the Mac client, with the company indicating it will continue to ramp up features.


Sunrise is one of the best-looking calendar apps to hit the App Store. It synchronizes with Google Calendar and iCloud, presenting your calendar content in an attractive and functional package. The week and month views espeically offer a better snapshot of what is upcoming than in the default calendar app. Set multiple alarms for events and quickly navigate through calendar invites with swipes.

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Paper by Fifty-Three

Sometimes jotting information down with a pencil and paper still works best. If you prefer to do that but still like the security of knowing everything is on your iPad then try out Paper. It has an elegant interface that mimics the look of a traditional journal. It works best with a stylus – and of course Paper maker Fifty-Three would prefer you use their custom stylus.

Mint.com Personal Finance

The Intuit-owned Mint.com is the best way to get many financial accounts under one roof. Setup may take some time if you have several banking or investment accounts. Yet being able to get spending data and an at-a-glance view of all of one’s financial information is highly useful.

I have found syncing to sometimes be a little slow, but the overall utility of the service still makes it a compelling choice.


Despite its recent high-profile issues, Evernote remains among the best all-in-one solution for keeping your digital life organized. After some initial hiccups the iOS 7 redesign functions very efficiently and syncs quickly with the company’s servers. If CEO Phil Libin’s pledge to spend 2014 fixing the myriad number of bugs holds true, then nothing else will come close to Evernote. But at this time, consider this a tepid endorsement with a huge potential upside.


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