5 best iPad apps for tracking your productivity

April 29, 2014

The following apps follow the popular Get Things Done method (GTD) and use some form of data analysis to serve as motivation for finishing tasks and staying focused.


Todoist is a full-featured task manager in its own right. The $29 per year service unlocks its power for deeper productivity monitoring and teamwork by enabling labels and collaboration. The Karma feature tracks your productivity over time, compiling the data into an easy-to-read line graph for analyzing when you are hard at work or slacking.

Another strength is that along with a very good iPad app, the company has built out a strong cross-platform ecosystem, with apps for Android, Mac, Chrome, Windows, and other platforms.


Like Todoist, Doitim.HD follows the principles of the Get Things Done method, meaning it is built for prioritizing tasks and moving through small, achievable goals. The app tracks projects and completed tasks so you track and feel good about what you've accomplished.

Full cross-platform sync across iOS, Android, Web and data tracking costs $20 per year.


Just as its name implies, TaskLabels focuses on organizing tasks through its label system, so that daily tasks are separated from more long-term projects. There is even a Bucket List section, where loftier and long-term goals are to be kept. The labeling system is much like using Gmail, where you can customize and assign labels for further organization.

The premium service is $24.99 per year, which includes cross-platform syncing and offline use.

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Organize: Pro LE

If you are looking for something more directed at a business or an organization, then Organize: Pro LE is a great choice. It quantifies team tasks through a Project Dashboard, which places project status and tasks in an organized hierarchy for team members to work through.

The $12.99 in-app upgrade provides access to the Dashboard, options to delegate tasks, and other collaboration-based features. The company also offers similar apps targeted at individual users.


Maybe you are looking for something different than to-do lists and categories. Timeli takes a different approach, instead using timelines to organize project planning.

Tasks can be placed in a weekly timeline, which can provide more context for determining what to tackle first. A useful In Progress page maps out everything that you are working on and keeps track of progress and how many tasks need to be finished for each project.

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