4 best password time savers for iPad

February 1, 2014

Instead of trying to keep track of an exhaustive list of passwords or just throwing in the towel and going off the grid, consider these iPad apps that can ease such difficulty.

They make browsing on the iPad more secure by automatically supplying your encrypted passwords to any site that requires a login. While Safari and other browsers can sync passwords, the following choices promise a higher level of encryption and overall security.

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LoginBox is a good solution for those who want to browse the web on their iPad and not have to remember logins to secure web sites. It bundles password management into a web browser that stores site login information, which can make it very rapid to sign in to banking sites or others where you have a long password.

Third-party browsers on the iPad typically run a little slower as only Safari gets access to certain browser code (Opera works around this by routing Internet traffic through its own servers), but the instant passwords and forms could actually mean a quicker web experience.


If you are just looking for password management in a well thought out interface, then 1Password is at the top of the list. The premise is you just need to remember one password to use the app and browse to any of the sites you visit regularly that require passwords. The app does the rest in terms of creating secure, difficult-to-discover passwords for all accounts.

The iPad app browses well and quickly pulls in any saved passwords needed to log in to various sites. Keep connected to your account on the desktop with the company’s Mac app, though it is a separate download cost.

Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane Password Manager has a very good design along with being a solid option for securing all your personal data.

It can import passwords from other devices or browsers; seeing them all in one place can be very revealing insofar as the sheer number one accumulates and how frequently they may not be with a good password. Dashlane also works as a digital wallet by storing your banking information along with secure browsing.


The LastPass iPad app is part of a substantial cross-platform suite. LastPass is available on all major browsers and mobile operating systems.

Its approach to syncing passwords and bank/credit card account data is also multifaceted, as the company operates three different apps. LastPass Wallet works specifically as a digital wallet, LastPass Tab Browser performs web browsing with your passwords secured, and LastPass for Premium is for those that have signed up for the company’s premium subscription. Among other things this gets you priority customer support and higher levels of data encryption.

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