5 iPad accessories you didn’t know you need

October 2, 2013

These choices can help someone improve their typed and written productivity, or pursue diverse interests such as dabbling with music or using an iPad as a public-speaking companion.  

Solar Keyboard Folio

Using the iPad as a writing and productivity tool continues to be popular, so it makes sense to look for a keyboard that has some longevity. Logitech’s Solar Folio Keyboard for iPad is a Bluetooth-powered keyboard and case that recharges from solar cells.

The case acts as a multiview stand, so you can position the iPad for typing, web browsing or watching video.  It also comes in four colors with the obligatory hip ames: carbon black, urban grey, ice blue and coral pink.

The Solar Folio Keyboard is also a much better deal than when it first came out as Logitech has reduced the price from $129.99  to $49.99. Head to the company’s site to check it out.

Wacom Bamboo Stylus solo

A stylus can be had pretty cheap at your favorite online retailer. But the more discerning types may want something with higher build quality – the Wacom Bamboo Stylus solo promises to provide a splash of style along with a “pen-like experience.”

For $30, you get an 8.4 millimeter wide stylus with anodized alumnimum and a 5 millimeter rubber nib. The company has its own tablet app, Bamboo Paper, which is built to be a virtual notebook. Stylus users should also look to pair the Bamboo Stylus with free apps like Paper by Fifty-Three or Skitch from Evernote to really put the Bamboo Stylus to good use.

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The iPad Telephoto Lens

Look around the next time you are at any popular tourist destination and you are likely to find many people using their iPads to take pictures. Some would say this is an unadvisable practice for getting great photos, but one company disagrees. The iPad Telephoto Lens is geared toward improving your iPad photography by adding a 10X zoom on iPad and a 12X on the iPad mini. The company’s official site even admits “you may look a bit silly in this get-up,” but promises the payoff in better photos will be well worth any aesthetic weirdness.

iKlip Studio

I have used this stand before and found it to be a worthy addition for someone that needs to regularly stand their iPad vertically for making a presentation. While the standard Apple cover will hold up an iPad in landscape mode, the iKlip Studio physically holds the device in any position that you wish.

It has a sturdy build quality and props up an iPad at a good viewing angle. And if you decide to switch brands, it also support the iPad mini as well as many Android tablets.

iRig HD

IK Multimedia has distinguished itself with a strong line of hardware choices for musicians. Its latest is the iRig HD, which connects your iPad to a wide range of musical equipment. By connecting the device with one of the company’s large range of music apps, you can dabble with any instrument and use your iPad as an amplifier. It may not have the practical use of a stylus, but it is sure to get a huge wow factor at the next company or family gathering.

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