500,000 Android apps will work on AMD-powered Windows 8 devices

October 1, 2012

The deal between AMD and BlueStacks will see the software company offer 500,000 Android apps (including the likes of Evernote and Flipboard) for Windows 7 and Windows 8 tablets and PCs, through its AppZone player Windows app.

According to the BBC, this app offers a wrapper around the Android APK program to ensure compatibility issues are eliminated, while the core code has also been tweaked so that the app runs well on small and larger displays.

The AppZone app will come pre-installed on a number of Windows 8 devices powered by AMD chips, and BlueStacks is currently holding talks with a number of manufacturers, including HP.

With reportedly only around 2,000 apps currently available through the Windows Store, Microsoft has been desperately trying to ramp up developer interest in Windows 8 recently, and Steve Ballmer last week visited a small event in San Francisco to promote the new OS to developers.

This news comes as it emerged that Metro-style Windows 8 apps (those built for ARM devices) will only be available through the Windows Store.

One developer asked on Microsoft’s Windows 8 forum if they would be able to distribute their Windows 8 apps on the web, to which the Redmond giant replied that Store Apps (formerly called Metro apps) will ‘only be distributed through the Windows Store’.


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