7 best accessories for taking your Google Nexus 7 tablet out on the road

December 6, 2013

Charge your tablet on-the-go with the Nexus Wireless Charger

If you’re out on holiday or on business you’ll want to be travelling light, and that means ditching your assortment of charging cables.

Luckily, Google has launched its Nexus Wireless Charger which works with the Nexus 7 tablet and the Nexus 4 and 5 smartphones.

Available for $49.99 from the Google Play store, the charger includes a 9-watt AC adapter and a micro-USB cable.

Protect your tablet with the MilitaryShield Protector

Smartphone and tablet screens may often pick up scratches regardless of how well you look after them, but you can at least reduce that likelihood by fitting a screen overlay to your Nexus 7.

The ArmorSuit MilitaryShield screen protector is one of the best available. Selling for just $8.95, the protector is designed specifically for Google’s second-generation tablet and promises high transparency as well as a “smooth glass-like surface”.

The protector is designed to protect from scratches and air bubbles and also “significantly reduces” dust, oil and fingerprint smudges. The military-grade material is made in the USA and comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

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Quirky Upwrite is a stand and stylus all in one

If we’re being brutally honest, a number of tablet stands are ordinary both in design and in functionality.

Thankfully, that accusation can’t be levelled at the Quirky Upwrite, which can hold your Nexus 7 at various angles and even work as a capacitive stylus.

It’s small in size and it has a clamping mechanism to connect the device to a tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, it can attach to a keychain — making it the perfect tablet companion for your business trips — and is reasonably priced at $28.

Chromecast helps you push great content to the TV

The Nexus 7 – as well as the accompanying Google Play store — is brimming with great content, from TV shows and magazines to games and newspapers, but sometimes you may want to show them on a larger screen.

That’s where the new Chromecast USB dongle comes in. The $35 media streamer outputs content to TVs via Wi-Fi. So this is the thing to buy if you want to fling YouTube, Netflix and Google Play videos, as well as Chrome browser tabs, to the TVs. It also works on iPhones and iPads.

DODOcase Folio is a smart case for business folk

The guys at DODOcase are accustomed to building high quality cases for a number of tablets, and one of its latest should be considered by anyone who has got their hands on the second-generation Nexus 7.

The DODOcase Folio for Nexus 7 isn’t especially cheap at $124.95 but it does come packed with some great features. For instance, there are pockets to hold business cards, pens and notepads (the pockets are however hidden to stop it from scratching the Nexus 7) and the exterior is a fabric-wrapped hardcover held in place by a leather spine.

It’s even eco-friendly – the tray that holds the tablet is made from bamboo rather than plastic.

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Protect your Nexus 7 with the Cover Case

If that last case is a little expensive for your tastes, the official Travel Cover Case from Asus could be a viable alternative.

It protects the Nexus 7’s front and back with a layer of durable polymer but leaves space for the rear camera, speakers, volume controls and connectivity outputs.

The cover comes in six different colors, and prices start as low as $10 for the Dark Gray version. Some others rise to $29.99 but that it still a reasonable price for something that will encase your Google tablet.

MiniSuit Keyboard

I know, who uses a keyboard with a 7-inch tablet, right? Well, some people may have that need every now and then when on a business trip and that’s where the MiniSuit Keyboard for the Nexus 7 fits in just perfectly.

Costing just $25 from Amazon, the MiniSuit Keyboard Case promises surprisingly build quality (the exterior is clad in black stitched leather, the interior is lined with a microfiber material) and wraps around the Nexus 7 to hold it in place. As you’d expect, there are holes to free up your two cameras, LED notification light and speaker on the back.

The keyboard itself is thin and attaches to the side of the case with a leather strap. The included kickstand can be used to adjust the position, and the keys are well-sized and offer all the QWERTY options (caps lock, shift keys, tab keys, directional arrows). Battery life is around 3-4 hours.

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