Slick new iPad app lets users buy the clothes they see on TV

April 23, 2013

Fashion-focused app developer GetThis recently launched a free iPad app of the same name (iTunes), and it works by syncing with certain TV programs, like political thriller Scandal, by using "audio content recognition technology".

This patent-pending technology helps the app to list all the clothes being worn by actors during a TV program, and there is even an option to buy an item using the in-app shopping cart.

But the app offers more features than the link to TV shows. GetThis also recommends "stylist picks" inspired by the original on-screen items or more affordable items for those looking for a similar look with less cash. There’s even a “Style Ambassadors” section for readers to pore over articles, style tips, how-to stories and videos from leading costume designers, make-up and hair stylists.

“Audiences have been searching for things they see in TV shows for years. GetThis finally makes it more elegant and convenient,” said GetThis CEO Lisa Ferris.

“Audiences can shop anywhere, anytime. They can shop exclusive features and articles on GetThis, shop select shows In-Sync – while watching an episode, shop by episodes at anytime, or traditional search and shop by product.”


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