Custom content services

Hire the TabTimes content team

Let our compelling content help you raise your profile and generate leads

TabTimes content team provides you with:

  • high quality, enterprise-grade editorial content
  • deep expertise in tablets, mobility, BYOD and apps
  • credibility of the TabTimes brand

We will design and package content in whatever format you need:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Case studies
  • Whitepapers
  • Market overview and Sponsored market research - offered in partnership with Reticle Research
  • TabTimes Special report
  • Webinars
  • Custom live events

Leverage the custom content we create for you across the web and in your communities:

  • Publish it on your site and in your newsletters
  • Distribute it on social media, on and on third party sites

Here are the custom content products we offer:


TabTimes Special Report

Position your company as a top reference source in your sector

TabTimes branded or co-branded document
Typically include some broad recommendations
Format: PDF report
Length: 10 pages


Custom research

(in partnership with Reticle Research)

Become a source of exclusive reference data for your prospective customers

We will draft for you an original report on a business or IT trend

Based on:

  • aggregation of publicly available data.
  • answers to up to 3 questions asked to a business panel
  • analysis by Reticle Research principal analyst Ross Rubin (ex-NPD, Jupiter, McKinsey, eMarketer; columnist at Engadget)

Topic examples:

  • “Tablet adoption the healthcare sector”
  • “BYOD adoption and practices”
  • “How sales teams use tablets for presentations”

Examples of questions could include:

  • Have you / Has your company adopted technology X?
  • Do you / Does your company plan to adopt technology X  in the next Y months / years?
  • What has been your / your company’s level of satisfaction with technology X so far?
  • Have you / Has your company faced issue X?
  • How would you rate your interest in technology X?

Format: PDF report (portrait or landscape orientation)
Length: 10 pages


Market overview

(in partnership with Reticle Research)

Draws a picture of the market landscape to help your customers

Offer your prospective customers a reference document about a market and business trend

Based on:

  • aggregation of publicly available data, and
  • analysis by Reticle Research principal analyst Ross Rubin

Topic examples:

  • “The rise of tablets in the enterprise”
  • “What role tablets play in productivity vs. computers & smartphones”
  • “Trends in app monetization”

Format: PDF/Powerpoint presentation
Length: 6 slides



Map a context for the use of your solutions

TabTimes will draft a reference document about a new technology, issue, business or IT trend
(Usually starts in a vendor-agnostic fashion, and ends with category or product specific benefits or recommendations - positioned as best practices.)

Format: PDF whitepaper (portrait or landscape orientation)
Length: 5-8 pages

Case study

Highlight how your customers use your solutions

Case studies help potential customers understand how your solutions would be useful to them

Based on raw material provided by sponsor and/or on a phone interview with a customer (arranged by the sponsor)
Examples: Case studies section on (these articles were not sponsored)
Format: PDF text document (1 to 3 p.)
Length: 500-1,000 words

Sponsored post / Advertorial

Talk about your products and services

Use a Sponsored post to announce your new products or directly promote your offerings

Example: Sponsored post for Skura SFX

Format: Article format, optimized for web publication
Length: 400-600 words



Generate leads and get in direct contact with prospective customers through a live virtual event (or series of events)

Your webinar could include a customer of yours and/or analyst and/or executive from your company
Moderated by TabTimes Editor David Needle

Format: audio + slide webinar

Length: 20-30 min. per presenter (incl. Q&A)


Live event participation/organization

Have TabTimes editors participate in your live event, or set up an event for you

If you already have your own events for existing or prospective customers: raise their profile, lend credibility to them and facilitate their promotion by hiring a TabTimes Editor to participate in them

Consider outsourcing to TabTimes all or part of the organizational responsibilities of a promotional event

Format: seminar, panel discussion, workshop, conference, developers event
Length: from 30 min. to full-day

Additional services: event conception; finding and managing speakers; logistics.