Our Advisory board

The following professionals are part of TabTimes "Think Tank" and help us define and refine our media and event content.


Ben Bajarin

Principal analyst, Creative Strategies (Linkedin)


Mike Barad

Program director, Mobile solutions, Morningstar (Linkedin)


Adam Bookman

Principal, Propelics (Linkedin)


Jonathan Chalon

Publisher, Simmons-Boardman Publishing (Linkedin)


Colin Crawford

Vice President, Strategy, Bedrock Business Media (Linkedin)


Stephen Diorio

Partner, Profitable Channels (Linkedin)


Paul Fisher

Associate chief information officer, Seton Hall University (Linkedin)


Sean Ginevan

Product manager, MobileIron (Linkedin)


Kevin Hart

OTG (Linkedin)


Josh Koppel

Founder, ScrollMotion (Linkedin)


Eric Litman

CEO, Medialets (Linkedin)


Alan Masarek

Director, Chrome and apps, Google; ex-CEO and Founder of QuickOffice (Linkedin)


Deborah Moschella

Director of user services, Framingham State College (Linkedin)


Randy Nunez

Technical expert, mobile computing technologies, Ford Motor Company (Linkedin)


Chris Pepin 

MobileFirst services executive, IBM (Linkedin)


Andreas Pfeiffer

President, Pfeiffer Consulting (France) (Linkedin)


Dale Potter

Senior vice president, strategy and transformation, Ottawa Hospital (Canada) (Linkedin)


Geno Rothe

Treasury Management Product Group Manager and Vice President, Huntington National Bank (Linkedin)


Christopher Kirill Sokolov

Director of Technology & 21st Century Learning, San Francisco Day School (Linkedin)


Jordan Stolper

CEO, StoryDesk (Linkedin)


Ashley Wharton

Director, Home Health Practice, Bayada Home Health Care (Linkedin)


If you wish to nominate a tablet expert to the TabTimes Think Tank, please email Patrick Pierra at patrick (at) tabtimes.com