Our team


David Needle, Editor and Conference director

David Needle is an experienced, high tech news editor, reporter and writer/blogger, based in the Silicon Valley. Until recently the West Coast bureau chief of InternetNews.com, he previously worked for or collaborated with PCWorld, Information Week, Upside magazine and Infoworld.

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Derek Walter, Apps reviewer

A specialist in mobile apps and education technology, Derek Walter is based in Northern California.

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Mike Rougeau, TabTimes Games editor

Mike Rougeau is an experienced games and tech writer. Based in Los Angeles, he has contributed to Kotaku, GamesRadar, TechRadar and Complex Magazine.

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Ben Bajarin, Columnist

Ben Bajarin is Principal analyst, Consumer market intelligence at Creative Stategies, a Silicon Valley-based research and consultancy firm. He is also a columnist for Time.com.

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George Jones, Founding editor and Columnist

Based in San Francisco and previously the editor-in-chief of Maximum PC - the second largest PC magazine in the U.S., George Jones has led both print and digital editorial teams at IDG, Future US, and Ziff-Davis. George has been the founding editor of TabTimes. He is now Chief consultant at Hit Detection and writes the Game of the week column, published every Saturday.

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Don Reisinger, Columnist

Don Reinsinger is a strongly opinionated tech writer based in New York. He has written for CNET, Computerworld, InformationWeek, eWeek and CIO Insight.

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Debbie Rouleau, Developer

Debbie is an experienced developer who previously worked in the Branchez-vous.com and BV! media web production team. Based in Montreal, she is in charge of the front-end user experience in TabTimes products




Patrick Pierra, Founder and CEO

Patrick Pierra is an Internet pioneer in Canada. Having founded the Branchez-vous.com site in 1995, he then steered for fifteen years as CEO of BV! Media, a publicly-listed Canadian company which grew into the leading independent web publisher and web ad network in Canada. It was acquired by Rogers Communications in 2010. Patrick handles strategy, product development and partnerships. He is based in Montreal and travels frequently to New York City.

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Rick Vandervoorn, Publisher and Vice president, sales

Based in New York City, Rick Vandervoorn has spent his entire career involved in marketing and business development for both B2C and B2B players in print, online and mobile publishing, including Ziff Davis/PC Magazine, Future US, GameWeek, Ultramercial, Jingle Networks and iCall. Rick handles advertising, sponsorship and content production services sales on all platforms.

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