Accellion’s kitepoint mobilizes SharePoint and other enterprise content

November 13, 2012
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The new kitepoint lets users share files externally, from such enterprise content management systems like Microsoft’s SharePoint, without a VPN connection. Kitepoint works with iOS and Android devices as well as notebook and desktop computers.

The key benefit is that users will be able to access these files from the original source, e.g. SharePoint, rather than have to hunt through duplicate versions stored in a separate file structure as virtual storage providers like Box and Accellion itself provides.

“We realized if we’re just giving you another place to duplicate content, what’s the point?” Paula Skokowski, chief marketing officer at Accellion, told TabTimes. “If the content is already in SharePoint, we give you a way to access it and put it back there directly.”

Files accessed via kitepoint maintain all the same privileges so a user who doesn’t have access rights to a particular file in SharePoint won’t be able to get it it.

Kitepoint, being rolled out to select customers in beta now, starts with an initial connector for SharePoint. Over the first half of 2013, Accellion says kitepoint will incrementally integrate with additional content management systems including Windows File Servers, NFS and other ECMs.  

Terri McClure, a senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group, says Accellion’s release of kitepoint comes at a time when content is “growing at an extraordinary rate” and is stored and distributed across the enterprise in SharePoint sites, as well as ECMs and file shares.

“The ability to have a single point of access to multiple enterprise content stores from mobile devices will be a critical capability for businesses that are truly looking to maximize the productivity of a mobile workforce,” said McClure.


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