Logitech Wireless Speakers for iPad: Perfect for most tablets

January 7, 2012

Given the importance that many manufactures place upon pointing out that their tablets are made for both creation and consumption, it is a perplexing fact that the sound quality issuing from most tablet computing devices is passable at best.

While tablet-toting audiophiles have been busy apologizing for the sound quality associated with their music collections, movies and PowerPoint presentations, Logitech saw fit to do something about the problem in the form of their Logitech Wireless Speakers for iPad.

Offering users up to ten hours of sound from its internal battery or perpetual audio with the aid of its included power supply, these speakers pack a lot of sound and playtime for such a compact system. Marketed as a device specifically for iPad, they will also be appreciated by individuals with a device boasting A2DP Bluetooth sound output or a 3.5mm audio out port–in other words, just about everyone.

In our tests, we found the speakers offered rich, full sound reproduction at all but the highest audio levels. Pairing the device with an iPad, iPhone 4S and Android Eee Pad Transformer was a simple matter, as was controlling the speaker’s volume, as all functions are handled by three hardware buttons.

On top of all of this, Logitech was thoughtful enough to integrate a sturdy kickstand into the device and wrap it all up in a soft carry case designed to carry both the speakers and it’s power source.


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