Acer could be first out with a Chrome OS tablet later this month

April 7, 2014
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The speculation is driven by a phrase in an invite from Acer CEO Jason Chen to the April 29 event that reads "A touch more connected."

The touch reference could mean a Chromebook tablet device, though others have also speculated Acer plans to show off new wearable devices.

Acer has been struggling in recent years in the PC market, but as ZDnet notes the computer maker is one of a handful of big Chromebook players. Chromebooks are generally low cost, notebook alternatives powered by Google software that runs cloud-based applications and storage.

With PCs on the decline and tablets on the rise, ZDnet's Zack Whittaker asserts that if Acer merged its Chromebook offering with a tablet it would not only help give the Taiwanese computer giant a much-needed second wind, but also further bump Chrome OS' profile in the highly competitive tablet market.


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