Acer puts Windows RT tablet plans on hold, wants to see how well Microsoft’s Surface does first

October 30, 2012

Microsoft’s Surface tablet has attracted plenty of consumers to Microsoft’s own stores following its big rollout last week. Reviews have been mixed, with some praising the innovative design, but others pointing out the lack of apps and inability to run traditional Windows software except for the specially-designed version of Office that Microsoft is including with the device.

"Originally we had a very aggressive plan to come out very early next year but because of Surface, our R&D development doesn't stop, but we are much more cautious," Acer President Jim Wong said in an interview with Reuters on Tuesday.

Wong told Reuters that Acer (the world’s number 4 PC maker by shipments) still planned to move ahead with a Windows RT tablet, but delivery was more likely in Q2 while the company mulls pricing and other issues in the meantime.

He noted that rivals Lenovo and Asustek had unveiled plans for Windows RT tablets starting at $599 before Microsoft surprised the market with its $499 branded Surface model.


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