Ad Age’s first iPad app includes ‘Creativity’ content

January 24, 2013

The free app includes limited free access to the marketing and media news the site is known for and also includes a Creativity section designed to show off some of the best work being done in the advertising field, including commercials and other promos. the

Pointing to the often more casual nature of tablet use, which often takes place at home or outside the office, Ad Age has added some other features to its “couch ready” app.

You can, for example, mark stories to read later and you can also catch up on stories they’ve posted offline as long as you stayed updated with the app before logging off.

The Creativity section features a larger Pick of the Day image at the top of the page, followed by 12 smaller videos to choose from. You can scroll through other pages of Creativity picks with a simple up flick.

However, the free app does not include access to all of Ad Age’s content. For that, just like the AdAge website, you'll need a subscription ($79.99 per year or $9.99 per month). If you’re already a subscriber, you won’t have to pay any extra to get it via the app.

In fact, non-subscribers will only be able to read up to seven articles per month on the iPad app, anything more requires a paid subscription.

Also, the Ad Age app only goes back as far as the past two calendar weeks of content at any given time, though older content is available at the website.

In addition to Creativity, other sections include Marketing News, Agency News, Media, Digital, Global News, Blogs & Columnists and CMO Strategy.


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