Ad-supported app traffic from Android tablets set to pass iPad traffic

February 21, 2014
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While the iPad still generated 51% of all tablet traffic on apps affiliated with the Millennial Media ad network in 2013, traffic from Android tablets grew to 48%. That’s a significant change compared to 2012, when iPad was at 58% and Android tablets, at 41%.

Considering that these figures are based on traffic for the overall year, and assuming the trend has continued, it’s not unreasonable to estimate that Android tablets are now on par with, if not superior to, the iPad in terms of usage of ad-supported sites and apps. (It’s still possible that iPad users may use, on average, more paid apps than Android tablet users.)

Millennial Media today published a 2013 year in review report highlighting some mobile device trends.


Among the top most-used mobile devices on the Millenial media network, four were tablets in 2013, vs. three in 2012. The top three were, in both years:

  • the iPad (all models combined, apparently), which went from 66% to 60% of the “tablets in top 20 devices” traffic;
  • the Samsung Galaxy Tab (also all models combined, presumably), which grew from 22% to 23%; and
  • the Amazon Kindle Fire, which grew from 12 to 13%.

In 2014, the fourth tablet was the Nexus 7, which took 4% of the “top 4 tablets” traffic.

Regarding the OS, this was only a two horse race. Windows went from nowhere in 2012 to just 1% of tablet traffic in 2013. Oddly, Millennial still registered 1% of tablet traffic in both years coming from Blackberry devices. Who knew Playbook usage would be so resilient.

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