Adding VoIP to iPad apps made ‘incredibly easy’

February 24, 2012
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The software development kit (SDK) is designed to let developers add VoIP features to existing apps or build new ones from scratch. Twilio says developers can use the VoIP capabilities in Twilio Client for iOS to create or enhance apps in a number of ways including: 

  • Giving users the ability to make phone calls through any iOS device with a data connection (including iPad and iPod touch)
  • Allow businesses to deploy mobile agents anywhere with nothing but an iPad and a headset
  • Deploy tap-to-call features within apps that feed rich information to CRM, advertising or analytic partnersOne early user, 

Twilio Client for iOS is available for download at the company's site, also includes online presence features so users can detect when another user is available for a voice chat.

“Twilio’s mission is to open the black box of telecom and make its power accessible to developers everywhere,” said Twilio CEO and Co-founder Jeff Lawson, in a release.  “With Twilio Client for iOS, we're enabling mobile developers to incorporate VoIP directly into their apps to create rich communication experiences. We can’t wait to see what they build.”

One early user, RingDNA, says it’s already built an enterprise-ready iPad app that provides companies with actionable marketing and sales data, including call tracking, intelligent call routing, CRM integration and click-to-call functionality.

"Because of Twilio's rock-solid client for iOS SDK, our developers could focus on RingDNA's core cloud marketing, sales and service features without bearing the prohibitive cost of creating the telephony API ourselves," said Howard Brown, CEO of RingDNA.

Twilio says it also has an Android version of the SDK that’s currently in a private beta testing phase.


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