Adobe releases free PDF Reader for Apple iOS devices

October 17, 2011


The software, available for free download at Apple’s App Store, is designed to make it easy for users to view and interact with any PDF file including PDF Portfolios, password-protected PDF documents and Adobe LiveCycle rights-managed PDF files. 

For example, Adobe Reader users can open and view PDF files received via email, on the Web or from any application that supports the “Open in” function. 

In a blog post, Adobe product manager Anuj Gupta also noted that the company’s just-released Adobe Reader 10.1 for Android offers many of the same features for interacting with PDF files on Android smartphones and tablets. 

Other features in the new Adobe Reader release include the ability to read text annotations such as Sticky Notes, use bookmarks to go directly to a section in a PDF file and view ePortfolio (PDF Portfolios), PDF Packages, annotations and drawing markups. 

Users can select single page or continuous scroll modes, zoom in on text or images for a closer view and quickly navigate through large files using thumbnails. 

On the security front, Gupta said Adobe Reader supports the highest grade of PDF encryption, up to AES256. 


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