Adobe surprises with Project Mighty stylus, its first hardware product

May 6, 2013
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The Project Mighty stylus is a pressure-sensitive pen with a single button. Pressing the button brings up a menu of design options and content, including drawings and files from a user's Creative Cloud clipboard, assuming you use Adobe’s products. The demos were done using an iPad. 

A neat trick noted by AppleInsider is that Adobe's software recognizes if a user is interacting with the screen with the stylus or with a finger, letting you use the stylus solely as an input method and your fingers to erase.

The Napoleon ruler can be placed on top of a user's mobile device screen and, when used with the stylus, lets you create sharp and specific shapes such as lines and curves.

The announcements were made at Adobe’s Max conference and no further information on price availability were forthcoming. 

Perhaps just as surprising as Adobe’s foray into hardware was its mention that Project Mighty and Napoleon are "just the beginning" of its efforts to join hardware and software and news of additional devices could be forthcoming. 


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