Ahead of iPad HD launch, Apple tweaks iPad App Store

March 7, 2012

Traditionally, Apple gives a kind of state of the company at product launch events noting, for example, the growth of iTunes, the App Store and Apple’s own retail store chain.

The company may also trumpet this week's announcement that its App Store passed an astounding 25 billion downloads this week. 

Though not major, Apple execs may also take a few minutes to go over some small changes to the iPad App Store that it rolled out this week. 

Chief among these changes is faster load times in the “Top Charts” section and vertical scrolling. The change lets you swipe left to right in either landscape or portrait mode without having to wait for more titles beyond the top 25 to load. 

Apple hasn’t acknowledged anything related to tomorrow’s event, but it’s widely expected to launch a new iPad HD model that will sport double the resolution of the current iPad 2. 


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