Airbus to launch electronic flight bag iPad apps for pilots

July 11, 2012
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The “FlySmart with Airbus” iPad apps will enable these pilots to compute performance calculations, and check on Airbus flight manuals, features which may well allow these folk to ditch those heavy electronic flight bag (EFB) books.

The first iPad app has already been tested by a selection of pilots, and is expected to come to the App Store in the near future. Airbus says that you’ll need to be an Airbus customer in order to obtain the necessary licenses to download the app.

 “Fifteen years ago Airbus was the pioneer in providing the first EFB applications with the goal of creating the ‘paperless’ cockpit”, said Didier Lux, EVP of Airbus customer services, in a statement.

“Today we go a step further: By combining our EFB content with the world’s most versatile mobile digital device, the iPad, airline pilots will be able to optimise aircraft performance in the palm of their hand, while obtaining savings in cost, weight and time.”

As part of the move, Airbus has also ordered new iPads for its flight test and training department, so that its staff can learn how to use the FlySmart apps.


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