‘All everything’ rugged Windows tablet from Xplore Technologies targets multiple industries

June 25, 2014
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Xplore says the new Bobcat Windows tablet is designed to appeal to a variety of industries including manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, utilities and telcos.

The Bobcat sports a healthy suite of standard inputs and designed to ease the transition across different business applications. Standard inputs include two full-sized USB 3.0s, Micro SDXC, Micro SIM, Micro HDMI-Out, RJ-45 Ethernet, GPS engine and a true serial port connection. Xplore says the Bobcat is the only fully-rugged tablet on the market to offer GPS, RJ-45 Ethernet and a true serial port connection in one device.

While not as full-featured or nearly as expensive as the company’s earlier ultra-rugged XC6 Windows tablet, Xplore President Mark Holleran says it’s an “ideal option for those industries that don’t need the complete ultra-rugged capabilities of the XC6 line, but still desire the Windows OS and fully-rugged capabilities that Xplore has perfected.”

Optional features designed for specific industries work with Xplore’s proprietary Xpansion Port and include integration options such as a 1D/2D barcode scanner, common access card (CAC) reader and near-field communications (NFC) reader. Warehousing and distribution businesses can consolidate operations and reduce equipment costs with the device’s barcode scanner or NFC reader capabilities, and military and government entities can take advantage of the increased security the CAC reader offers.

As for ruggedness, the Bobcat has an IP65 ingress rating to ensure operations in extreme environmental conditions, including rain and dust, and a MIL-STD-810G certification which verifies the tablet’s ability to withstand the common abuse faced during field service, such as multiple five-foot drops and operating conditions of minus 4 to 140 Fahrenheit.

Priced starting at $2,199, the Bobcat comes standard with a three-year limited warranty and is currently available through Xplore channel partners worldwide.


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