Alpha Five aims to simplify business dev of apps across tablets, smartphones and more

November 4, 2011

Enter Alpha Software which says its new Alpha Five Version 11 provides one development tool that works with PCs, tablets, smartphones & the web. 

The company says that Alpha Five v. 11 uses the power of Microsoft .NET and HTML5 to help developers solve a business problem once, and make their app available to users wherever they are. In other words, the application is developed once and is available to work on a smartphone, tablet, the web, a laptop, netbook, or a Windows PC. 

The secret sauce behind Alpha’s release starts with what the company calls “a big idea,” namely that Alpha Five can generate user experiences as HTML5, the emerging web standard that’s gaining broad acceptance across platforms. 

Alpha Five also employes its Codeless Ajax technology that uses persistent server connections to provide low-latency, desktop-like experiences on any device.

Richard Rabins, Co-Chairman of Alpha Software, said there’s a crying need in the enterprise for this kind of tool. 

“Mobile and tablet computing are great for users, but they’ve added cost, complexity, and uncertainty for companies,” Rabins said in a release. “IT has been forced to choose between investing in apps for the desktop or laptop, the web, mobile, and new form factors such as tablets. Development teams are burning out. They’re understaffed and overworked, because they have to cope with budget cuts while learning new languages and reinventing apps for multiple platforms.” 

Among other features, the software includes a comprehensive collection of reusable components designed to make it easy to assemble applications quickly, without having to write a single line of computer code. These include Alpha’s database grid, form, dialog, security, GIS/data mapping, calendar, charting, video player, animation, image gallery, and HTML5 reporting components.

Also included is calendar and scheduling support that lets users graphically select dates, book appointments, schedule resources, synchronize schedules, and more. Video support designed to make it easy to add video to any application, with full support for Flash and HTML5; public and private videos; and storing locally or on external services, such as YouTube.

A 30-day free trial version of the software is available here


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