Amazon buys Liquavista in push to move mobile display tech forward

May 14, 2013


The Netherlands-based Liquavista focuses on a technology called electrowetting designed to make displays clearer in all lighting conditions and show video using less power than more conventional displays.

“Electrowetting technology has the potential to create bright and colorful images that ensure excellent indoor and outdoor readability while using less battery power than traditional displays,” the company says at its website.

An obvious direction Amazon could initially go with the technology is to produce lower power color screens for its Kindle e-readers.

The technology can be used in mobile gadgets such as e-readers, smart phones, GPS devices, portable media players and cameras. Longer term, as the technology is refined further, Liquavista says electrowetting could be used in larger display products such as laptops and TVs.

The company was spun out of Philips Research and later purchased by Samsung.

Amazon also made news yesterday with the announcement of a new Coins currency designed to simplify the way Kindle Fire users can purchase apps. 


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