Amazon kicks out at iPad display and price with new Kindle ad

February 10, 2012

The ad, not the first from the e-commerce giant when it comes to giving Apple a little kick, is almost identical to the commercials of the past (indeed, it even has the same music), showing a woman reading a Kindle eReader, and a man an iPad 2 when at a sunny resort. The man promotes the iPad for watching movies and surfing the web, but the woman retorts that she has a Kindle Fire for that, and goes onto say that her three Kindle devices (she has two Kindle Fires for her children) are “still less than that”, when referring to the iPad 2.

Just last month, Stifel Nocolas analyst Jordan Rohana said that Amazon was likely to have sold six million tablets in the fourth-quarter of 2011, up from his initial forecast of five million unit sales.


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