Kindle Fire dominates the Android tablet market: study

January 28, 2013

The report comes from mobile app analytics firm Localytics and details that the Kindle Fire now accounts for 33% of all Android tablets worldwide, a figure which sees the 7-inch model take a considerable lead over Samsung’s Galaxy tablets (9%) and Google’s Nexus 7 (8%).

Barnes & Noble also appears to be faring better than expected by representing 10% of the Android tablet market, a strong showing given the bookseller supposedly struggled with Nook tablet sales in the fourth quarter.

The results were however heavily influenced by the U.S, with Localytics reporting not only that the region accounts for 59% of the global Android tablet market but that it also houses 89% of all Kindle Fires.

The outlook was slightly different overseas, as a senior Localytics executive told TechCrunch that Samsung’s Galaxy range now accounts for 76% of all Android tablet usage in non-US markets. 

Google’s Nexus 7 follows with 15%, while Amazon's Kindle Fire, which only launched to international markets at the end of last year, has a market share of just 9%.

For all of this data, it is worth noting that the report is based on apps being used that have Localytics analysis and marketing data installed on them. The firm says that there are over 500 million devices running its software.


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