Amazon knocks $30 off refurbished Kindle Fire tablets

May 2, 2012

The usual price for a refurbished version of the Kindle Fire ($199 new) is $169. Amazon says the refurbished Kindle Fires in today’s “Gold Box” deal have been pre-owned (i.e. they were returned by the buyer for any number of reasons) and have been tested, and “certified to look and work like new."

Buyers get the same one-year limited warranty as they would for a brand new Kindle Fire. 

Barnes & Noble discounts two Nook ereaders

The news comes a day after rival Barnes & Noble announced its own Mother’s Day sale of $20 off either the Nook Color or Nook Simple Touch e-readers. Buyers will also get a free Nook gift bag. 

The Nook Color (7-inch display) and Nook Simple Touch (6-inch display) usually sell for $169 and $99 respectively. 

Unlike Amazon’s offer, the Barnes & Noble devices on sale are new and the discount is available until May 12. But the Nook Tablet, a more direct tablet competitor to the Kindle Fire, is not part of the sale and remains priced at $199. The Nook Tablet was originally priced at $249 when it was released last fall. 


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