AMD roadmap reveals new ‘Hondo’ and ‘Temash’ tablet processors

February 2, 2012

Today at AMD’s Financial Analyst Day, the company revealed details about its next-generation processors, including several new tablet designs.

The company’s tablet chip for 2012 is codenamed ‘Hondo’ and will utilize one to two of AMD’s current ‘Bobcat’ CPU cores, which are AMD’s most current CPU core design.

These processors will reside with the company’s Z-series line of APU chips, and feature ultra-low voltage (4.5W) designs. They also support DirectX graphics, which will make them instantly compatible with the flood of Windows 8 tablets expected this summer.

AMD’s chips are frequently referred to as APUs instead of CPUs. Short for Accelerated Processing Units these chip designs incorporate standard CPU cores as well as graphics processing cores on the same chip die.

In 2013, AMD will switch its chip fabrication process for all its new CPU cores to a reduced 28nm process. This change will create some inherent thermal and performance efficiencies over the current 40nm fabrication, and should result in substantial gains in the all-important performance per watt ratio.

The company’s tablet chip for 2013 is currently codenamed ‘Temash’. AMD stated this new APU will initially feature at least two of the new 28nm CPU cores (code-named ‘Jaguar’) and will also integrate a new unannounced and unexplained GCN, or ‘Graphics Core Next’.

Upon its release in 2013, the Temash chip will replace AMD’s Z-series chips. AMD has not revealed what name it will use for this new series of processors going forward.

Pricing,  specifications, and release dates for both the Hondo and Temash tablet-oriented processor designs are still pending. 


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