Analyst says Apple’s new iPhone 5S faces a fight to the death with phablets

September 10, 2013

In an email to TabTimes ahead of the unveiling, Jeremy Davies, the CEO and co-founder of UK analyst firm Context, spelled out how Apple could struggle to keep up with market demands.

"Apple is in a difficult position,” said the analyst in the opening exchange.

“The lead it built with such an innovative and stylish iPhone product line and with corresponding astounding sales, means they have their own tough act to follow.”

But while the analyst implied that the Cupertino giant had almost been a victim of its own success, he also suggested that the iPhone 5 could struggle in a market now dominated by cheaper and larger Android handsets.

“While Apple has been reaping the rewards of its success, with what is essentially a single product, competitors have emerged that have expanded the market beyond what Apple can offer both in terms of screen size and price,” said Davies.

“Apple has to have an answer to for example Samsung's price levels, and it looks like consumers love the bigger screens as well."

Apple is expected to announce two iPhones – the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, both with iOS 7 – later today. The former is expected to be a straight-forward successor to the iPhone 5 and is widely-reported to have a fingerprint sensor, while the iPhone 5C is reportedly a budget model.

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