Analyst Mary Meeker details surge in mobile ad spend, tablet growth

May 29, 2013
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As big as mobile growth has been, Meeker told attendees at the AllThingsD conference today that “there continues to be material upside for mobile monetization."

In 2012 Meeker said $37 billion was spent on Internet advertising, with $4 billion of that focused on mobile. In one of her charts, Meeker says there is a over a $20 billion mobile advertising opportunity in the U.S. alone.

She said the latest research to look at time spent with media and advertising spending “continues to be way out of whack in favor of print, giving us an indication there is a lot more upside for Internet and mobile.”

One example of mobile ad growth, she noted that Groupon now says 45% of its customer transactions in the most recent quarter came from mobile; that’s up from less than 15% two years ago and about 25% a year ago. 

Tablets take off including a surprise #3

As someone who has covered technology for years, Meeker said the growth of tablets in the past three years has been “stunning.”

She said the iPad is growing three times faster than the iPhone and in the 4th quarter of last year, tablet shipments surpassed both PCs and notebooks.

Another surprise: “No one would have predicted would be be the number 3 provider of tablets, but they were in 2012,” said Meeker.


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