Analyst reckons Microsoft will launch Surface Mini tablet for $299 in Q4

June 26, 2013
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Focus Taiwan reports that Chang said this while speaking to local media earlier this week and adds that the analyst believes the new tablet will be Microsoft’s answer to Apple's iPad mini.

"Microsoft is likely to aim at taking on the iPad mini because it knows it is hard to compete with Android tablets in terms of price," said Chang.

The analyst believes that the tablet will have a touchscreen display between 7.5 and 8-inches, a low-power Intel Atom microprocessor and a price of around $299.

If all that sounds good don’t expect an eye-catching name – Chang expects Microsoft to give the tablet the rather uninspiring name of the ‘Surface Mini’.

Other recent reports have suggested that the tablet will run Windows RT, will have an 8-inch display and will come equipped with Nvidia’s Tegra processor. Some sources have estimated that the tablet could launch as early as this month for around $249.


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