How a failed platform spawned the era of ‘disruptive’ tablets [video]

December 31, 2012

“We’re calling this [the tablet] the new personal computer for a number of reasons. They are highly personable, ultra-portable and being used in contexts never seen before,” said Bajarin.

In his presentation at the recent TabletBiz conference in New York, Bajarin added that desktops and notebooks have over-served the average consumer for "quite some time," but surprisingly paid homage to the netbook for the tablet’s rise.

“I think the ‘aha’ moment happened with netbooks, when consumers realized that they could pay $300 to $400 for something that would do 80-90% of what they needed.”

You can hear more on what Bajarin had to say in the video clip below. Full-length videos from the TabletBiz conference are available to TabTimes Pro members here.

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