This analyst thinks Apple made the wrong move with the iPad Air and new iPad mini

October 23, 2013

Brazier was speaking at the Canalys Channels Forum in Asia just hours after Apple’s latest iPad launch and he talked on everything from tablets eclipsing notebook sales (he expects this to happen in the fourth quarter) to Apple's fortunes in the tablet market.

And it was on Apple’s tablet ambitions where Brazier was most critical as he claimed that the Cupertino giant risks repeating mistakes it made with the Mac in the 1990s.

"If Apple continues with its high price strategy, it’s going to lose the market,” said Brazier, whose comments were first reported by The Register. “It feels like the Windows/Mac battle of 20 years ago. There's no sign that Apple's going to move."

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To further illustrate his point, Brazier pointed to Android’s rising dominance in the smartphone market and to Apple's attempt at the low-end market with the launch of the relatively unpopular iPhone 5C smartphone.

This isn’t the first time Brazier has urged Apple to drop the price of the iPad in order to compete with Android rivals. Back in March, he said that Android tablets could usurp Apple in enterprise if the firm chooses not to release an entry-level tablet.

“There is a risk of history repeating itself,” he said at the Insight Technology Show. “You’d like to think Apple has learnt from history but if it is going to recover market share it needs to lower the price and appeal to lower cost markets.”

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