New stats show the iPad mini is cannibalizing the iPad and crushing the Nexus 7

February 20, 2013

Mobile industry analyst Benedict Evans recently took to his blog to detail how Google's Nexus 7 tablet is faring, but ended up also showing just how popular the iPad mini is in regard to the bigger iPad and other Android rivals.

By taking in figures from Asus and observing comments from senior managers at both Asus and Apple, Evans said that the former would have shipped between 4.5 million and 4.8 million tablets in 2012, with 2.2 million of these coming over Q2 and Q3 and the remaining 2.4 million being sold in Q4.

Evans then compared these results with the iPad mini and concluded that Apple would have sold 10 million of the tablets in the fourth quarter. This estimate was formed by combining the 7.85-inch tablet's average selling price (ASP) with Apple revenues and tablet sales numbers.

“Apple doesn't disclose iPad Mini sales separately, but going on the ASP, my estimate is that it sold 10 million in Q4, despite the fact that it wasn't available until the beginning of November.” 

This estimate certainly ties in with supply chain rumors from earlier on in 2012 and would indicate that the iPad mini accounted for almost half of all iPad sales in its first quarter on the market.

Apple CEO recently said that Apple sold 23 million iPads in the fourth quarter but played down fears of the iPad mini cannibalizing the bigger tablet. "If we don't cannibalize, someone else will".


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