Android catching up to iOS in app revenue with a twist

December 24, 2013
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Earlier this year, Apple said it has paid app developers $10 billion in app revenue since the first App Store launched. This year alone it said it paid developers $5 billion.

Google talks more in generalities about how much more its been paying developers on a percentage basis. It's generally agreed that iOS developers typically make more per app than their Android counterparts. 

But according to a new report from BI Intelligence Android is closing the gap. The report says Android developers earn about 90 cents for every $1 earned by iOS developers.

However, there are two sides to where most of the revenue comes from. For Android app developers, ad rates are lower than for iOS and they derive more revenue from advertising on the many popular free apps to be found on the Google Play store.  

On the flip side, while there is no lack of free apps on Apple's App Store, developers there get more profit from premium (paid) apps and in-app purchases. 

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