‘Android Inside’ Intel is the chip giant’s new push at IDF

September 10, 2013
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Intel is promoting new chips at the IDF conference with a particular emphasis on mobile devices. Its latest Bay Trail family of chips supports both Windows and Android tablets as it expands beyond its traditional alliance with Microsoft to support a wider range of devices.

Intel's new CEO Brian Krzanich said during a Q&A that “Microsoft is a great partner” and Intel will continue to work with them. But he also noted Intel will be in Chromebooks "and a variety of other operating systems … because to get into tablets and phones you have to be there as well."

The Q&A session was the first time Intel execs took questions from the audience following IDF's opening keynotes.

Krzanich conceded that there may be a perception that Intel hasn’t been in tablets (it has, but none of the products approached the success of the iPad), but it’s ready to compete.

“Tablets are a growing and emerging changing ecosystem,” said Krzanich. While he said Bay Trail will give Intel-based tablets a performance and power advantage, he also gave a peek of other developments to come.

“We can put in things like perceptual computing and gesture control that truly differentiate us from the rest of the pack,” he said. 

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