Android-iPad rivalry heats up in enterprise but analyst sees trouble ahead for Windows 8

February 28, 2013

Following on from Good Technology’s recent study into the penetration of tablets in large corporations, Gartner analyst Phil Redman stressed that there is more choice aside of Apple's iPad.

“With tablets, we see a cross over between iOS and Android in the next couple of years but Android is not going to win on functionality, but on price,” said Redman, who was speaking in one of two sessions at the AirWatch Connect conference at the Mobile World Congress.

“Apple is still dominating but there is a lot of competition there. You’re going to ask me which one is better? They’re all pretty good. Some people like Android, some like iOS but it is a choice. One isn’t a whole lot better than the others – they’re all pretty good.”

Redman was however less optimistic on the plight of Microsoft, especially when it comes to the future of Windows 8 Phone.

“The smartphone market keeps growing and today BlackBerry 10 has become the third offering. There is certainly interest in Windows 8 Phone, but it’s from IT and Microsoft fans rather than from end users,” said the analyst.

“The question is how long does Microsoft put money in this program to sell four million phones a quarter. There is a lot of concern around it and we think Microsoft will cut the program in the next couple of years and maybe just buy HTC.”


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