Android Jelly Bean arrives…in Google’s garden

June 27, 2012
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The new sculpture joins a Google garden full of similar designs for Android operating systems like Cream Sandwich and Honeycomb, as well as bygone versions Cupcake, Donut and Éclair.

The move would seemingly confirm that the new codename will be the next version of Android, and although questions remain over what version of Android Jelly Bean will be, recent rumors point to Android 4.1 as the most likely version.

The new OS is expected to run on Google’s first own-brand tablet, which looks set to tip up at Google’s I/O developer conference this week.

With the tablet potentially just a few hours away, reports continue to do the rounds on what the tablet could look like, even if it is widely accepted that the slate will be called the Nexus 7, have a 7-inch screen, Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 chipset and a price point between $199 and $249.

The latest suggestion is that the tablet will feature branding from Google and Asus, the maker of the tablet. This certainly seems plausible if claimed photographs of the device are anything to go by.


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