Two in three tablets run Android as demand for iPad fizzles out

July 29, 2013

The firm reports that global tablet shipments grew 43% year-on-year to reach 51.7 million units in the second quarter of 2013, although this figure did include the increasingly popular white-box models.

Taking white-box tablets out of the equation however and Strategy Analytics found that branded tablets rose 47% to 36.2 million in Q2, with new devices from Samsung, Amazon and Google pushing Android’s market share up to a dominant 67% (34.6 million shipped units).

By comparison, Apple’s iPad had something of a quarter to forget, declining 14% to a market share of 28.3% (14.6 million shipped units). That said it is worth noting that Apple did release the first Retina Display iPad around this time last year, with the Cupertino giant now not expected to launch new iPads or iPad minis until September at the earliest.

There was better news for Microsoft and Windows 8 tablets. Strategy Analytics reported that Microsoft captured a niche 4.5% of the global tablet share in Q2, and even hinted at further growth for Windows RT tablets in Q3 with Microsoft now having drastically cut the price of its Surface RT.

Strategy Analytics does mention that these figures are based on sell-in shipments to retailers and resellers however, which could potentially mean that Microsoft’s market share is overstated. The Redmond giant has of course just been forced to write-down $900 million because it had too many Windows tablets unsold in distribution.


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