Android malware spiked by 40% in the second quarter

August 7, 2013
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The report, which comes from Trend Micro, reveals that the number of high-risk, malicious Android apps climbed from 509,000 in the first quarter to 718,000 at the end of Q2.

The Trend Micro report doesn't break out what percentage or number of these apps might be in the official Google Play store versus other Android app markets and download sites. However, while Google Play is more open than Apple's App Store, which has a more rigorous approval process, the company has implemented security technology designed to identify and delete apps that prove to be malware or are unsafe in other ways. As a result many of the problem Android apps are believed to thrive outside of Google Play.

The firm added that it took just six months for these apps to surge by more than 350,000.

When breaking down how these apps are formed, Trend Micro concluded that almost half  — 44% — are designed to quietly subscribe unknowing downloaders to expensive services, while another 24% are for stealing data. Adware-laden apps come in at 17%.

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